How To Measure A Sling

Instructions: How to measure a sling

When measureing a sling for replacements, make sure they are taken while the sling is still tightly installed in frame, even if fabric is cut or ripped. Taking measurements from just the sling will result in inaccurate measurements. Measure to the nearest 1/8", do not add more. We will add the necessary fabric for seams.

Identify the sling rail channel. Place flexible measuring tape at center of rail channel. Make sure to place the tape about 3" from top of sling and measure across. Do not take measurement from the very top because the sling tends to flare out and spread.

Measure from center of sling rail across to the center of other sling rail for the width. Take the measurement of the closest 1/8".

Measure the bottom width in the same matter. Start about 3" from bottom and center of rail channel. Measure straight across to other center of rail channel. The top and bottom measurements may differ slightly. Don't assume they will be the same.
Take measurement to the nearest 1/8".

To measure the sling length, start at the very top edge of fabric. Measure the entire length making sure to follow the contour and curves of chair. Make sure to follow the edge for the correct measurements. Measure to the nearest 1/8".

Do not add heam allowance. This will be done during process.

If measuring a two piece sling chair or chaise lounge, make sure to measure each piece separatly. Do not add measurements together.

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